CELEBRATING 30 YEARS   (1979 - 2009)

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I am delighted to announce Reitse has been purchased by

 Steve and Alison Venrooy of "Mellandra Equestrian Centre."



Friso Stud will continuing breeding with Reitse's progeny through only chilled and frozen semen of outside stallions to compliment our mares.



  We have some exciting Friso Friesian Geldings and a young colt born this season forsale that would compare with anywhere in the world.  Slightly different variations in types but their conformation is superb, nice shoulder angles to give extension, necks to allow bend, their paces are all very good and evenness through the body type to give balance.  

All mature 16hh +   below L - R Mozart, Perez, Noah.  Photo taken Aug 14.



Friso Stud has Friesians for sale and client Friesian Warmbloods - see For Sale page.

Life Member of the Australian New Zealand Friesian Horse Society



Watch this video and get impressed with this beautifull, versatile breed with the best temperament!



The Friesian Horse of the Netherlands, which is always black, dates back some 3000 years, and its ancestors are said to have survived the Ice Age. This was the most popular horse in the Middle Ages, and was used to carry heavy armoured knight's into battle and for work on the land.  Crusading knights brought eastern stallions which increased the Friesians qualities and when trotting became a popular pastime, the bred was lightened further.  Through this purpose the breed lost favour as a general purpose horse and was actually in danger of dying out. In 1913 only three stallions were left.  Luckily a new breed society was formed, and gradually the numbers were built up and the Friesian regained its popularity.  Breeding is now controlled.  It has been a tradition in Holland for Friesian to drawn gigs in the show ring with the occupants wearing the attractive Friesian costume.  The love of horses- Anne Alcock   


Friso Stud was the First Friesian Horse Stud established to introduce these Magical Black Beauties to the shores of Australia and continues to breed from the original bloodlines firstly introduced.........

Since importing our magnificent Stallion Maurits Friso whom was one of the top three stallions selected for breeding approval that year and four of the loveliest mares available at the time (in 1979),

I am breeding my original Friesians to achieve a modern yet elegant Friesian while maintaining their beautiful type and kind friendly nature.   With  Reitse, our second stallion, whom was purchased in 1998 as a foal out of direct imported bloodlines to refine the elegance of Friso mares. Then Continuing to enrich the bloodlines in Australia, Friso Stud has been using frozen semen from some of the finest Licensed Stallions available and Approved Breed Permit Stallions for Australia.

Licensed Stallions frozen semen : Feitse 293, Pike 316, Remmelt 323, Wobke403, Harmen 424, Tije 410 , Onne 376 and Bente 412

Australian Breed permit Stallions - Maurits Friso (Friso Stud) Reitse (Friso Stud) Lyckle B (WA) Omer RS (WA)    Hilwert (S.A)  and  Non Breed Permit Stallion TIKE (WA)

Over time our Black Beauties have worked their way into the hearts of many people.  Competing or for just pure pleasure.

  "Our Friesian horses presented at Keuring's are

 shown in good health and natural ability.




Friso Stud remains a huge influence to the Friesian Breed of Australia setting many standards: 

  • First Friesian Stud in Australasia
  • First Australasian born foal : "Alistke Friso"
  • First Australasian Bred Friesian Stallion "Reitse" to obtain a Breeding Permit at the first Keuring in Australia
  • First foal to obtain Equal Champion Colt of Australia: "Alpha Fan Friso" (3 days old)
  • First "AI" foal in Australasia: "Arend Maurits"
  • First Australasian Friesian to be exported to America: "Aiden"
  • First Australian born mare to receive 2nd Premium star

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